5 Amazing things about the SAP Business One Version 10

5 Amazing things about the SAP Business One Version 10

For those on ERPS looking for smarter controls and smooth usability, it’s all about to get way better with the SAP Business One version 10.  They say that the no. 10 shirts are worn by the most complete player in football. Such is this version of SAP Business One Version 10. This is the most complete ERP brought about with its enhancements. From giving users more options for authorizations per screen to moving reports from the ERP to shareable folders, here are 5 amazing things about the SAP Business One Version 10:

  1. Authorizations on every tab of a screen.

Authorizations on every user tab of a screen. Well to simplify authorizations, SAP Business One introduces tab-level authorizations for Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data: 

2. Enhancements in the Approval Process

The Approval Process in SAP Business One had a lot of back and forth communication based on actions taken by the approver. There would be a document approval ‘restart’ each time the approver rejected a document for need of a minor change. The other challenge was that authorizer would approve the draft but not add it. As a result, the originator can add the approved document now.

3. The New Add Button Feature

 The add button in previous versions, would submit a document and refresh the screen. Several users wanted to add the document and then view what was submitted. The ‘Add and View’ selection is a very welcome addition to the SAP document screens.

4. Drill Down from BOM to Item Master Data

Typically, when the yellow arrow selection on a transaction for an item with a BOM would always first open the BOM. This was considered inconvenient for those users that wanted to view the stock information in the item master directly from a transaction document.

5. Integration with Microsoft Office 365.

While SAP Business One allowed integration with MS Outlook and documents could be exported on a desktop to an MS Excel, now with the integration with MS Office 365, documents can be moved to selected folders, ‘OneDrive allowing access of reports from anywhere.

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