Why startups must invest in SAP Business One

Why startups must invest in SAP Business One

Startups often wonder if ERP is a necessity or a luxury for businesses. With the main concern being the cost, ERP have been a distant dream for many startups. For the survival of businesses, operational data has become an essential ingredient. A recent survey noted that India’s startup ecosystem is now the third-largest in the world while Nasscom aims to exponentially speed up the startup ecosystem in India by 2025. Interestingly, South India particularly Banglore has the most number of startups in the country.

While most startup makes with spreadsheets, there was still a few glitches. Lack of real-time data and limitations in scalability became the two biggest reasons for business owners to invest in other methods. As the startup culture picked up pace in the country, it comes as no surprise when the need for a robust ERP suite to integrate business processes became the need of the hour. ERP providers have since understood the gap present in the market and have created specific products that will suit small businesses irrespective of the vertical, target audience, industry, and even business size.

Designed specifically for small businesses, SAP Business One is an integrated business management ERP solution that facilitates growth and connectivity in the organisation. Perfect for startups and small businesses, SAP Business One provides better control by providing deeper insights into real-time business data thus giving the opportunity to make decisions for profitable growth. Understanding the importance of customisation, starter packages for SAP Business One allows startup businesses to leverage the basket of features available in the solution.

  • Financial management with features to automate accounting processes, manage class flow, facilitate fixed asset management through virtual function, process banking reconciliation, and  customise reports with real-time data
  • Sales and customer management that overseas the entire sales process, manages marketing campaigns, empowers sales funnel, and creates reports
  • Purchasing and inventory control to facilitate procurement, master data management, warehouse and accounting, and supply chain optimisation
  • Business intelligence creates reports with interactive analysis, predefined metrics, and powerful data visualisations
  • Analytics and reporting empowers employees with customisable dashboards and reports, and access real-time analytics

SAP Business One is gaining momentum among small businesses, including startups. While affordability is a crucial factor, there are numerous advantages such as 

  • Quick implementation process that allows SAP Business One to be up and running in days or weeks 
  • SAP delivers continuous support through Support launchpad, SAP Help portal, and report support platform with constant upgrades and patches for smoothing functioning of the platform 
  • Startups in consumer products, manufacturing, retail, wholesale distribution, and professional services can leverage the range of industry-specific capabilities to customize their ERP solution  
  • SAP Business One is made available in different deployable suites, including on-premise, cloud, or mobile, thus giving the business the freedom to grow without the burden of capital cost in the future 

Having serviced over 20 industries, Ikyam is focused on leveraging its to implement SAP solutions to SME customers. SAP Business One Starter packages are perfect for startups as it can be customizable up to five users. Our 80+ consultants work in partnership with SAP to facilitate easy implementation of this powerful ERP solution.

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