How to select the right trustworthy technology partner in South India?

How to select the right trustworthy technology partner in South India?

Thanks to the rise of technology, every player has taken to ERP irrespective of organization size. Startups and large multi-tier companies worldwide have realized the importance of ERP in a business environment. With the growing demand for a scalable, functional, and flexible product, industry players such as SAP have since launched various cost-effective, industry-specific, and supportive products. For instance, SAP Business One is one such product that is gaining momentum as it is focused on automating critical business functions in financials, operations, and human resources. While selecting the right ERP product is a make or break decision, the subsequent step is also equally important. 

Implementing the chosen SAP product in an organization is a huge task. And it is not one to be taken lightly. For this reason, most companies seek out a strong technology partner to take on the implementation process and support the team through the learning curve. However, with the market saturated with so many vendors and products, the selection process becomes cumbersome and lengthy. While looking for a technology partner, organizations must consider the following parameters to evaluate the vendor. 

  • Partnership with SAP 
  • Vertical experience
  • Team expertise and service offerings 
  • Cost of implementation 

IKYAM Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a startup focused on delivering SAP Business one solutions to SME. A dynamic organization started in 2014; Ikyam Solutions is dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with its clients. Over the last six years, Ikyam has come to be known as one of the focused SAP technology partners in South India – a coveted reputation that acts as a testimony to the four senior industry experts turned founders. Between them, they have over 70 years of experience. Combining that knowledge with over 80 certified consultants’ expertise, Ikyam helps in providing solutions created exclusively for its clients to overcome obstacles and roadblocks. Based in Bangalore, the team has over 100 trusted clients across industries, including manufacturing, sales and distribution, healthcare, automotive retail, and mature startups. 

One of the noteworthy achievements of Ikyam Solutions includes the acquisition and delivery of complex projects in SAP Business One across multi countries and in high volume. With over 4000 licensed users, Ikyam Solutions is focused on efficiency on SAP Enterprise projects. The company’s strength lies in the four pillars – team, mobility, product, and intelligent enterprise. 

A robust team of architects and consultants who 

  • Consistently deliver value to SME Customers
  • Handle domestic and global implementations

Strong cloud and mobility capabilities that allows 

  • Future-proofing of the cloud and mobility landscape 
  • Company to build real SAP Fiori apps for customers

Expertise in products and IP that

  • Builds relationships across verticals such as production, Job work, S&D, Services
  • Enables cataloging add-ons/layouts/reports for different functions that can be reused in various channels
  • Allows teams to build HANA/Fiori Apps for automotive and retail

Worldclass intelligent enterprise that supports 

  • Innovative solutions created with AI/ML
  • Continuous learning and improvement to support customers
  • Digitization and automation for extended enterprise solutions

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