How is SAP B1 different from other ERPs?

How is SAP B1 different from other ERPs?

In a recent survey of small businesses, 57.5% agreed on investing in cloud and other hosted solutions. As more companies focus on streamlining functionality with ERP, significant players in the ERP solution segment expanded their offerings to businesses of different sizes. Of the formidable players in the market, SAP Business One is widely popular among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for being affordable, efficient, and insightful. SAP Business One offers several key capabilities, including financial management, sales and customer management, purchase and inventory control, analytics and reporting, industry solutions, and mobility. While many other ERP software is available in the market, here are the top five reasons why SAP Business One is different from other ERPs. 

1. Faster implementation process 

SAP Business One is known for a shorter implementation process. As a result, companies switching to ERP will streamline their operations faster, thus resulting in quicker financial payback or Return on Investment (ROI). The solution has an implementation success rate as it focuses on incorporating industry best practices into the business before the implementation process. 

2. Suitable for different industries and sizes 

SAP Business One is suitable for different industries from consumer products, industrial machinery and components, retail, professional services, and wholesale distribution. The ERP is built to meet specific business and industry challenges using SAP Business One studio, software development kit, or other partner solutions. Due to its affordability, SAP Business One is available for small and midsize businesses. 

3. Scalable software 

As the business grows, the need to have an evolved ERP system becomes imminent. Companies expanding across geographies and in size can benefit from SAP as the ERP is highly scalable with both on-premise and cloud deployment options. The solution offers more in-depth insight that helps with profitable growth. 

4. Feature offerings 

SAP Business One offerings are evolved. While most ERPs require high customization, SAP Business One boasts of being the one with a range of features that can be quickly adopted. As a result, the need for customization is reduced as almost all the features needed by a business of any industry and size is pre-defined in the box.

5. Defined roadmap 

As one of the most widely recognized ERP solution providers globally, SAP is known for its carefully thought out implementation process. SAP offers various reference points at the time of implementation. These points allow businesses to understand the implementation process better and keep a keen eye on the timeframe. They are broadly categorized as 

  • project preparation phase
  • business planning phase
  • understanding phase
  • concluding preparation phase 
  • go live and support phase

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