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SAP Training & Certification

Ikyam offers SAP Training and Certification for Academia in India. Established in 2014 in Bengaluru, Ikyam today is spread across multiple locations in South India, catering to its global clients of varied industry sectors.

Its proven track record in the SAP ecosystem and the strategic delivery partnership with Lindemia, assures success for the student community. Ikyam caters to all the SAP Training needs of the Academic Institutions by providing a variety of job-oriented courses. SAP Certification courses offered, enable students to become job-ready by day-one.

Advantages of SAP Training & Certification for Students:

Bridging the widening Academics-Industry gap.

Best of industry hiring, on-campus and off-campus.

Rewarding careers globally, setting-up for the long-term success.

IT industry aligned latest technology education, pertinent across sectors.

Upskilling for Employability, by acquiring job-oriented skills and knowledge.

Premium Academia globally associated with the SAP Student Academy Program.


SAP – A Global leader in Enterprise Business Software solutions. A Futuristic & Innovative Technology company with a global network of clients, partners, employees and thought leaders. SAP helps the world run better and improves people’s lives. 

SAP Certification

In the foreseeable near future, with IT-AI and Automation impacting human-jobs across industries globally, SAP Certified students will be better equipped to secure jobs easily and shine in their professional careers too. SAP Certification elevates students to a distinguished group of advantaged experts, always in high demand for key roles in the industry.


With our proven track record in the SAP Training & Education space, students are fostered to attain success while we shall be the gateway for their rewarding careers in the IT industry and core jobs.

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