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Ikyam Solution & OneDealer are now officially operating as one to deliver end-to-end solution for auto dealers & OEMs

OneDealerTM Sales

Taking control of the car buyer journey with the modern car buyer taking a complex journey towards their final purchase, car dealerships need to be ready to maximize their impact during every digital and physical step of the process.

The OneDealer Sales & Lead Management module is built from a deep understanding of the new generation of car buyers. It enables car dealership sales teams to take a structured, holistic approach to the sales process and turn more enquiries into confirmed orders than ever before.

The Technology

Built on cutting-edge SAP technology, the Sales & Lead Management module benefits from a technical infrastructure that can effortlessly scale and meet the demands of modern car dealerships by providing blistering speed and rock-solid reliability.

The user interface and multi-device compatibility of OneDealer enables sales stuff to operate an enterprise level application without the need for costly training.

Available either via secure cloud or as an on-site installation, OneDealer Sales & Lead Management will effortlessly slot into any car dealership’s existing infrastructure.

Key Benefits

The OneDealer Sales & Lead Management module offers three key benefits:

Increases customer satisfaction. Timely communication via SMS and email ensures customers are informed throughout the buying journey and have access to key information about the car and deal on the table.

Increases sales person efficiency. The connected enquiry process enables sales teams to work faster and smarter.

Enables a faster response time to leads. The buyer journey is contained within a single system allowing managers to delegate tasks to sales staff and closely monitor progress.

Why Choose Sales & Lead Management?

The team behind OneDealer understands the modern car buyer’s journey, and that understanding is woven into the fabric of the OneDealer Sales & Lead Management module.

Car dealerships should be in full control of enquiries, with sales staff guided through automated processes that know when to hand over the reins. Equally, managers should be able to take a holistic, bird’s eye view of the entire sales process.

Now,they can. OneDealer Sales & Lead Management will transform your dealership’s sales operations.