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Software that bends without breaking. That’s SAP Business One

 Think Faster, Grow Faster and Stay ahead. This is the challenge for organizations that want to move forward, to grow and evolve. With SAP Business One and ikyam Solutions, you get a partner that not only has the tools and technology to get where you want to go but also the expertise to help you first map out the destination.We are ready to help you move forward with your own vision of it, whether that means small steps that make every day a little easier Or giant leaps that impact business in a profound way.

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SAP Business One Cloud Solution – SAP B1 on Cloud, SAP Business One Mobility – SAP B1 Mobile App, SAP Business One On Premise - SAP Business One OnDemand


You can now deploy SAP Business One Cloud for a monthly licence fee, so when your business grows your SAP Business One solution grows with you

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Manage your business on the move and mobilise your sales team with SAP Business One mobile apps, so you are in control, available anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device.

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On premise

If you want to deploy your SAP Business One solution in the office – that’s just fine too, we have a deployment solution to suit all our customers’ needs

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Operating on the thinnest of margins, distributors must continually find ways to improve processes. With SAP Business one solutions, you can optimize every side of your operations,

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Equipment Dealers, Rental & Service

As an equipment dealer, rental company, or service provider in the construction, mining, agriculture, industrial, or transportation industry..

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Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturers today must provide flexible capacity, continuous replenishment, collaborative designs, and the ability to..

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SAP Business one can help you solve unique chemical industry-specific challenges, such as the planning of co-products and by-products, formula matching and optimization, attribute costing and quality.

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Whether you produce juice, beer, or soft drinks, SAP Business one’s solution is designed to help you manage the complexities of…

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Myth busting – whoever said SAP Business One is…

Too expensive

Designed to be affordable for small businesses SAP Business One has a low total cost of ownership and is one comprehensive application to cover all your departments needs from one solution

Too complex

We packed a lot in yes but SAP Business One is also  modular and flexible with over 500 add-on solutions,tailored to industries or special functions.

Too difficult to implement

Quick and easy to implement – get you up and running in days or weeks 0ver 50000 SAP Business One customers, implemented in over 150 countries, in 27 languages and 42 localized versions.